Solxsys365® Software

We provide the best of both worlds by providing our clients a selection of in-house and outsourced software systems.


We are positioned to offer the best of both worlds to our Clients and their Participants. Clients are able to pick and choose which functions they prefer In-House and which functions they want to outsource to Solxsys® Administrative Solutions.

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Designed by Administrators for Administrators

  • Designed by a team of Taft-Hartley Benefit Fund Administration and Operations experts
  • The system was designed to automate many tasks that will increase productivity and reduce manual errors
  • It supplies a better user experience with information and data presented in a clear and transparent fashion
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Every client has unique needs

Because each client has unique needs, we have built a comprehensive “rules based” parameter structure that:

  • Handles complex benefit rules
  • Allows for easy maintenance of rates, benefit or eligibility changes
  • Reduces programming hours for plan changes
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  • Web-based design
  • Microsoft .NET architecture
  • Running Microsoft SQL Server
  • UI/UX for a greater user acceptance and experience
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User Experience

  • Web based design allows for easy access via PC, tablet or mobile devices
  • Integrated Websites for Participants, Employers, Trustees, and Plan Professionals
  • Communications: System allows for enhanced Participant Notifications via email, secure messaging, text, etc.
  • Built-In Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) reporting and graphing
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Enhanced Cyber Security and the Cloud

  • Cloud based operation for scalability and built-in disaster recovery
  • Database Encryption at Rest
  • Data encryption in Transit
  • Code level Security
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Software Systems available

  • Contributions and Collections
  • Health Care Eligibility and HIPAA compliance Eligibility transmissions
  • Defined Benefit Pension
  • Defined Contribution Pension
  • Vacation
  • Supplemental Unemployment

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